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Vicox, a law firm with more than 30 years of experience providing legal services in sectors such as real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, video games, business, arbitration and immigration. We bring the right to people, we offer an exclusive, friendly, flexible and unique treatment. We are at the forefront of technology.

Our added value lies in the intense specialization and capabilities of our multidisciplinary team.

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Vicox is organized into departments and areas of legal practice promoted by lawyers who are experts in defined legal and economic fields. This specialization is combined with a global legal training and with a particular work system that allows the organization of multidisciplinary teams of professionals in an agile and efficient way.

With this system, we fully cover all areas of Law, while adjusting our advice to the particular needs of each client and each case.

With this system, we cover all areas of law, while adjusting our advice to the particular needs of each client and each case.

New Law

We are innovative and so is our service. Our work is different and adapted to the new times. We revolutionize legal services.

Minimalist Law

We do more with less. Fixed prices, adapted to the service. Transparency, closeness and clarity.

Friendly Law

Legal services are not boring. Our professionals are experts in the field and speak the same language as clients. Trust Vicox.

Meet our team

Our professionals are duly qualified and registered to provide a comprehensive service adapting to the characteristics of our customers. We work by vocation, enjoying what we do. Within our company’s philosophy, there is the defense and advice in the most classic sense, using the most modern tools, at the service of justice.

Why choose Vicox?

Modern and innovative, Vicox breaks the mold. We are realistic, with competitive prices and with in-depth knowledge of the problems of our clients.

Located in Marbella and Malaga, we provide services throughout the national territory and part of the foreigner.


At Vicox we work for and for our clients. This is what some of them say about us:

“Podemos decir que este despacho siempre nos ha prestado la mejor atención en todos los sentidos. Si tuviésemos que destacar alguna cualidad, sería la rapidez con que nos han atendido, sin restar efectividad a su labor.”

Esperanza Guzmán Egus in Love

“Llevamos viniendo a España varios años y trabajando con esta firma de abogados; siempre nos han dedicado la atención precisa en cada asunto desde que compramos nuestra primera propiedad en España y siempre han sido honestos con nosotros.”

Fahad Alghunaim First Qatar Real State

“Entienden perfectamente el mercado retail internacional. Se adelantan a los cambios legislativos. Pero si algo tuviera que destacar de este despacho, sería claramente la calidad humana de las personas que lo integran.”

Mojgan Malek Madani Tiendas Elite

“Nuestra experiencia de trabajo con Vicox ha sido satisfactoria. En el asesoramiento prestado en nuevas tecnologías, siempre han entendido nuestras necesidades y han cumplido con su trabajo de consultoría ofreciéndonos equipos de trabajo para el desarrollo de nuestra tienda de comercio electrónico.”

David Gallardo Doliva online



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