CriptoTax: taxation of cryptocurrencies in Spain and Portugal


In recent years, crypto coins and tokens have become tremendously popular in Spain and Portugal. For this reason, progress is being made in regulating both at national level as well as at EU level.

At Vicox we have experience in declaring these assets. To help you meet your fiscal obligations, we have created CriptoTax, the fiscal and legal advice service.

International advice

Our team is aware of the misinformation existing in this area, so we we will guide you through the whole process.

No matter if you are in Spain or Portugal, we will advise you and look after your interests.

We will attend you in your language

To make things easier for you, we can attend you in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Dutch.


What we offer you

Our team of tax and legal advisers will help you to comply with your tax obligations regardless of their profile.


If you have participated in a STO, invest in long-term cryptology, or receive income liabilities from “investment platforms”, such as Kualian, Arbistar, Ninbus, Mind Capital... you will have to declare them in your Income Tax (IRPF or IRNR in the case of Spain or in your IRS in the case of Portugal). If your assets abroad exceed 50,000 euros you are obliged to file a declaration of assets abroad.


If you are professionally mining cryptosystems such as Bitcoin or staking, you are generating an income with an activity, so you are subject to some of these taxes: self-employment quota, Business Tax, Corporation Tax.


If your goal is to take advantage of the marke ups and downs to make short term gains, we can help you to declare your profits or losses in the Income Tax (IRPF).


Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly accepted method of payment for companies; if this is your case you will have to declare the profits you have made after the sale in the Corporation Tax.


If you have received donations or gifts in the form of crypto-currencies this will have to be declared in the Inheritance and Donation Tax

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