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Law firm specialising in Blockchain and Cryptoassets Real Estate 2.0 Corporate & Startups Crypto Tax Compliance Judicial Gaming & Gambling International

The Internet of Value is already a reality and the legal aspect of any project is the basis for growth within an emerging and revolutionary market and ecosystem. 

The rise of cryptocurrencies is completely changing the economy and with it, the regulation that accompanies it. Knowing in depth the rules of this market and its legal environment, becomes a crucial factor to maximise the benefits obtained in the crypto market.

As #CryptoLawyers, our intention is to Vicox Legal is to accompany you in this transition to this new financial paradigm, making the most of the potential and disruptive nature of the Blockchain.

You will have the best legal and tax advice in Spain on cryptocurrency and blockchain: Smart Contracts, DeFi (Decentralised Finance), STO (Security Token Offering), CryptoTax, Blockchain Real Estate...

Our services


Legal services for Blockchain technology and Cryptoassets

Real Estate 2.0

Legal management of real estate sales and purchases with and without cryptocurrency


Complies with the law and moves forward with optimal legal certainty

Corporate & Startups

Legal advice services to boost your project

Crypto Tax

International tax advice on crypto-assets


Technology claims, crypto scams and debt management

Meet our team

We are characterised by the use of technology and by working on a project basis, with state-of-the-art methodology and automated processes. Our professionals act as Legal Project Managers, which adds value to any project by having a project manager who oversees all the legal functions of the project.

We adapt our tools to the needs of our clients and their projects, and add our power and resources to every legal aspect that arises from it.

Vicente Ortiz
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Fernando Tesón
Head of Department
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Sergio Lema
Head of Department
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Andrés Millán
Junior Lawyer
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Raquel Parrado
Junior Lawyer
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Claudia Marchionni
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What our customers say about us

Whip smart attorneys at the cutting edge of their field. Thoughtful, thorough and diligent. The firm doesn't waste your time and is always professional. They have extensive knowledge of DeFi projects and its regulations.

Poly Dem WordPress Dev.

Excellent service. They have advised me from start to finish with all the necessary steps to find the best location for my Blockchain and artificial intelligence company. Thanks to the whole team.

Robin Ton WordPress Dev.

Vicox helped me purchasing my property in Marbella with cryptocurrency. At first I wasn't sure if it was possible but they made it look simple. 100% recommend. Best regards.

Magar Faw WordPress Dev.

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