Legal Services

Civil Law

The civil law has been since the time of Roman law the set of rules that constitute private law, understood as such that regulates the relationships between people.

Thanks to the professionals of Vicox, you can receive assistance in claims for loans to defaulters, consumer protection, foreclosures, purchases, easements, rural and urban leases, domain files, evictions, civil liability, insurance law, liability for traffic accidents, communities of owners, donations, inheritances, successions and wills.

Land Law

With a solid reputation in the land and construction markets, the Land Law area has intervened in proper operations in southern Spain and Northern Morocco.

Legal advice covers all matters related to the construction, promotion, financing and land investment of residential buildings, offices, business parks, logistics warehouses, hotels, tourist complexes, commercial parks and leisure centers in Spain and Portugal.

This is our department in distress properties and bank repositions, where we advise on the sale of land and companies, purchase of credit, organization of real estate complexes and emerging markets.

Commercial Law

The Commercial Law area is one of the strongest within our firm, providing general advice to companies on issues of regulatory compliance or guiding our clients in the implementation, negotiation, and drafting of shareholder agreements.

Besides, we help in the negotiation of agreements at the local and international level and licensing, advise on the constitution and restructuring of corporate groups or loans guidance in the implementation of effective monitoring systems for the prevention of corporate crimes and compliance with the applicable legal regime.

Criminal Law

In Vicox we haven’t wanted to set aside the defense or, as the case may be, complainant private accusation, in any area of traditional criminal law.

Thus, mainly, although not exhaustively, we offer advice on bribery and embezzlement crimes, criminal environmental and urban law, professional or other imprudence, documentary falsehoods, criminal procedural protection of fundamental rights, or reports and rulings in any area of Criminal Law.

Litigation and Arbitration Law

The lawyers of litigation and arbitration of our firm are experts in the resolution of disputes and act as legal representation in litigations processed before Spanish courts of justice, in Ad Hoc arbitration proceedings and before leading national and international arbitration courts.

We defend the interests of our clients to avoid possible conflicts and, in case of being unavoidable, to face them in the best possible conditions.

In the area of arbitration, we cover many sectors, such as acquisitions and associations of companies, construction, energy, telecommunications, distribution, franchising, transportation, international trade, insurance, industrial and intellectual property and controversies in the sports field.

Technological Law

Our group of TMT was created with the aim of offering specialized and coordinated advice to the companies and entrepreneurs of the sector. The team is widely recognized for its professionalism, its rapid response and the strength of its guidance, as we also consider ourselves entrepreneurs.

The group often works with the most significant experts in the sector such as engineers, designers, and programmers to offer complete service to the client. In our fields of expertise are Internet Law, e-commerce, software protection, Computer Law, Audiovisual Law, LOPD and Video Game Law, among others.

Urban Planning Law

The Urban Planning area advises public administrations and private companies on planning, management, execution, and discipline. The orientation is made from multidisciplinary teams, also integrated by lawyers specializing in Land, Tax and Environmental Law.

Administrative Law

From the Administrative Law Department, we provide specialized legal advice to public sector entities, private companies, and individuals. We prepare reports and opinions, carry out negotiations and assume legal defense in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings of all kinds in various sectors of activity. We also process grants for entrepreneurs.


Taxation of cryptocurrencies

From the CriptoTax Department, we provide specialized legal and tax advice in Spain and Portugal to traders, miners, inverstors, companies and more

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