New technologies

New technologies

Vicox is a pioneering firm in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector. We are backed by more than 10 years advising and managing companies in the sector. The VicoX TMT department has been the one that has grown the most in recent years, providing comprehensive solutions to our clients and collaborating with experts in information technology, security and economy to offer a total service adapted to changes and evolution of regulation in digital environments.

Our TMT team is composed of professionals specializing in the media and telecommunications regulatory fields, as well as industry practice. Our professionals are versatile, which provides us with capacity and impact in any area of law that could be specifically addressed with the technical knowledge that is required. All this encourages us to develop strategies and solutions to the various complex situations that these projects face.

What we offer you

We can offer our clients exceptional insight while navigating complex regulatory, legal and litigation policies related to the adoption of disruptive technologies.


Comprehensive advice to companies and investment funds in mergers and acquisitions operations focused on the Internet and new technologies sector.

Digital Law.

We are specialists in digital and technological contracting. We take care of software protection. Comprehensive management of the web domain.

Litigation and Arbitration.

Procedural defense to our clients in matters of intellectual and industrial property rights: trademarks, patents, designs, industrial secrets, know-how, etc.


Electronic commerce and electronic contracting. Study on the applicable legislation and regulations, secure payments, certification authorities, cryptocurrencies, consumer protection, taxation, etc.


Complete fine-tuning of the culture of compliance in our clients' companies. It includes the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Protection of Data and Privacy.

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