Vicox Legal, a specialized firm for purchasing real estate in Spain with cryptocurrencies. Currently, we operate throughout the national territory in cities such as Malaga, Marbella, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia

What is the process like?

1. Onboarding: . Your journey will begin with the onboarding process into our client registry, which will require, among other actions, filling out a small form with your personal information or that of your company, including your NIF (or NIE), your legal residence, and the wallet addresses to be used for payment. These data will serve as the basis for our decision to accept you as a client or not.
Throughout the process, your right to privacy will be ensured, and we will comply with European data protection regulations as well as various directives against money laundering. Our response will be provided within a maximum of 48 hours. For more efficient communication, a direct communication channel will be set up between you and one of our lawyers.

2. Private Contract: After confirming your suitability as a client, our contractual relationship will begin with the signing of a private contract detailing our services throughout the entire sales process.

3. Property Reservation: Once you have explored the various property options and made your choice, your future property will be reserved (and taken off the market) by signing a deposit contract with the owners. We facilitate a direct and secure process.
Normally, we do not involve ourselves in property search; either you provide it, or we provide you with a list of reliable real estate agencies.

4. Due Diligence: Our commitment to impeccable transactions is reflected in a meticulous due diligence process, which involves examining titles, property records, municipal licenses, public services and taxes, and the possible existence of unregistered charges, thus ensuring a purchase free of encumbrances and debts. We study the background of the property and assist in the signing of reservation contracts, earnest money contracts, and attendance at the Notary. We also provide advice on taxes in Spain, offering comprehensive assistance

5. Cryptocurrency Exchange Service: We not only commit to the due diligence process but also provide an over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency exchange service, so if the client requests, our firm will convert the cryptocurrency price into fiat (or vice versa) without the client needing to register on exchanges (or operate through them). We work with a variety of cryptocurrencies and networks such as Bitcoin, USDC, ETH, USDT, among others.

6. Deed: Set a date for notarial signing, assist with notarial power, pay taxes, and register the property in your name. Opt for our compliance report (AML) service for a detailed report, available for €1,500 + VAT.

7. Post-Deed: After signing and obtaining possession, rely on us to handle annual tax payments for non-residents, ensuring ongoing compliance with legal obligations.


What services we offer?

Crypto Lawyer

Crypto Real Estate Consulting

Start The Process To Buy A House With Bitcoin


Is it legal to buy property in Spain with cryptocurrencies?

Absolutely. To do so, it is necessary to understand the legal nature of cryptocurrency in Spain, which depends on the legal framework within which we operate. For example, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are recognized in the tax sphere, similar to other commercial assets, resembling a currency. The CNMV, on the other hand, has defined them as "digital representations of a right, asset, or value that can be transferred or stored electronically, using distributed ledger technologies or similar

How long does the onboarding process take?

The onboarding process typically concludes within 48 hours of submitting your passport and filling out our form.

What does the AML report service include?

The AML report service verifies that you are not a politically exposed person, that there are no international sanctions against you, and that the sources used to pay the purchase price are lawful. Additionally, we ensure that the wallets from which the flow of crypto assets originates have not been linked by judicial and law enforcement authorities to criminal activities. The cost of the report is €1,500 + VAT.

How are taxes handled after the deed?

Vicox Legal will take care of filing annual tax returns for non-residents and making the corresponding payments on your behalf.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted for property purchases?

In principle, any cryptocurrency or electronic money token traded on exchanges licensed in the EU (Kraken, Coinbase, etc.) is permissible, although Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDC, and USDT are the most commonly used payment options in real estate transactions in Spain.

Is the onboarding/integration process safe?

Yes, Vicox Legal offers a secure integration process, complying with privacy regulations and the European Anti-Money Laundering Directive.


We know your doubts. For this reason, we put at your disposal an advisor who provides consulting services to resolve all your tax doubts at the moment. Book your appointment online immediately, choose the day and time that best suits your needs and we will accompany you in all your efforts. You can either choose 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

What our clients say about us

He recibido el mejor apoyo de los abogado de Vicox Legal durante mi gestión. Son los mejores profesionales en criptomonedas y su regulación y especialistas en Blockchain, Criptomonedas y Metaverso. Trato personalizado al cliente. 100% recomendado para gestionar documentación importantes. Hecho de forma expedita, sin más trámites que hacer. Gracias a todo el equipo!
Oliwia Fiedorowicz
Oliwia Fiedorowicz
Una firma de abogados muy competente, pionera, con personal preparado para cualquier situación legal respecto a asesoramiento sobre criptomonedas, la amplía complejidad de la tecnología Blockchain y sobre nuevos servicios en auge como son los Hedge Fund, la economía del token (tokenomics), etc.. Sin duda alguna volveré a contactar con ellos para nuevas dudas o nuevos proyectos para que me acompañen a darles el mayor rendimiento posible. Muchas gracias por vuestros servicios y amabilidad.
Laura Velasco
Laura Velasco
Gracias por ayudarnos a gestionar documentación importante, vuestra agilidad y naturalidad nos simplificaron las tareas!
Bitstartups Central
Bitstartups Central
En Vicox Legal me ayudaron con mi proyecto para la emisión de tokens. Súper profesionales a nivel nacional e internacional y especialistas en Blockchain, Criptomonedas y Metaverso y toda la regulación al respecto. Me alegra que haya abogados que apuesten por la innovación y por los proyectos disruptivos como en Vicox Legal. Muchas gracias.
Manuel Pástor Cruz
Manuel Pástor Cruz
Muy profesionales y expertos en criptomonedas y su regulación. Trato cercano y comprensible. 100% recomendado.
Guillermo Ayuso Cortés
Guillermo Ayuso Cortés
Personas excepcionales. Eso he encontrado en Vicox Legal. Grandes profesionales, impecables en sus asesorías sobre criptomonedas, su fiscalidad y han conseguido desplegar dentro de mi mente como funciona el blockchain para darle el uso que necesito. Cabe destacar su continua formación para estar siempre en la cresta de ola, aspecto que en el mundo que se mueve es primordial. Enhorabuena a todo el equipo.
José Ignacio Roldán Sánchez
José Ignacio Roldán Sánchez
Tenia mis dudas al principio en cuanto en quien confiar al hablar de dinero y criptomonedas, pero decidi por ir a Vicox a explicarles mi historia y como podia declarar mis cryptos, incluso la opcion de mudarme a portugal, me lleve la sorpresa que supieron guiarme desde el principio hasta el final, Vicente y Fernando, sin duda los mejores abogados de blockchain en españa, cualquier pregunta relacionada te la sabran aclarar, y te ayudar y guiaran hasta el final! Muchas gracias por vuestros servicios, de nuevo
Adolfo Verde
Adolfo Verde
Vicox helped me purchasing my property in Marbella with cryptocurrency. They made it look simple. Best regards.
Matthew Bramson
Matthew Bramson
Whip smart attorneys at the cutting edge of their field. Thoughtful, thorough and diligent. Vicente is phenomenal in handling the crypto work at the firm, doesn't waste your time and is always professional. He has extensive knowledge of DeFi projects and regulations as well as money transmitter compliance obligations. 100% recommend.
The Plug Co
The Plug Co

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