We focus on foreign investment. We are ready to meet all the needs of the innovative and demanding investor. We are committed to the client and adapt to their pace and needs. Our goal is to work together with the client, at the pace that sets us. We seek to integrate knowledge of the business together with a high legal technique to be efficient in the delivery of our service. We bring and explain to foreign investors the Spanish legal and regulatory reality to facilitate their understanding of the jurisdiction.


Vicox adds value with its team specialized in immigration. We manage all procedures for immigrants and foreigners. We are specialized in processing the Golden Visa. This residence permit is obtained for the acquisition of real estate in Spain. Those foreigners who buy real estate within Spanish territory, with a significant investment will have access to the Golden Visa application. It is a permit focused on investors and their relatives who want to stay or reside in Spain for a duration greater than one year.

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VicoX has a global network of partners, which allows us to have access to business opportunities around the world. As specialists in entrepreneurship and SMEs we know that their differentiation is found in international expansion, we help them overcome all barriers. We have direct access to the best opportunity, without intermediaries, which leads to savings in costs and time in our operations.


The best option for our clients. We adapt the overview of our specialists with the specific intention of our clients. Tax, social and welfare savings for the companies we work with and comprehensive advice and support from start to finish. We have experience in this area and we can push the project towards higher heights.



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