Lawyers for Gaming & Gambling

Vicox Legal is a firm strongly specialised in regulated sectors, with special emphasis on the video games, gambling and betting sectors. These sectors have a changing regulatory environment that requires specialised and updated professionals at all times.

Vicox Legal 's Gaming & Gambling department acts in line with the client's interests, advising on international strategy and dealing with regulatory bodies related to gambling and betting.

Vicox Lawyers Experts in Cryptocurrencies


Gaming Lawyers

We offer comprehensive advice, together with a precise legal technique in what we do to offer our clients the most complete service adapted to their needs. We have experience in legal services for video games.

The gaming sector in Spain requires versatile professionals, with extensive knowledge in different branches of law and a team that is always up to date with the latest trends and legislative developments. Opt for the most innovative legal service on the market with Vicox Legal.


Lawyers for e-sport

We are a pioneering law firm in eSports legal advice in Spain. We provide agency services, advise on hiring and firing within teams and contribute to the growth of participants and partners in official competitions.


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Other services


Legal services for Blockchain technology and Cryptoassets


Legal management of real estate sales and purchases with and without cryptocurrency


It complies with jurisdiction and advances optimal legal certainty.


Legal advice services to boost your project 


International tax advice on crypto-assets


Technology claims, crypto scams and debt management.