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Blockchain technology provides a decentralised system, where transaction speed and security are the main characteristics of this emerging technology. Thus, Blockchain technology is changing business, people-to-people relationships and the world in general, a process to which regulation is adapting at full speed.

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As with any other disruptive technology, blockchain presents enormous opportunities, but it can also pose legal, regulatory and commercial challenges.

For this it is imperative to have legal and tax advice from expert lawyers who have extensive knowledge of digital value issuance, cryptocurrency licensing (or BitLicense), exchange platforms, etc.

Issuance of tokens

In accordance with current legislation and the Spanish Securities Market Act , it is essential to have a solvent and balanced project for the regulated issuance of tokens.

Vicox Legal assists our clients in the preparation of the Prospectus and the Validation Report through a Financial Advisory Firm registered with the CNMV.


The issuance of tokens is already regulated in our country and with it the fulfilment of requirements and requirements by the supervisory authority. Token issuance projects can count on full legal certainty.

It relies on the most specialised professionals in the sector to regularise your tokens in the market.

Compliance Plan

Legal analysis of the project

CNMV Prospectus

Legal White Paper

Financial validation by an EAF


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White Paper on MiCA

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