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We can break down the conception of metaverse in a double sense. On the one hand, the word "meta", coming from the Greek, refers to "beyond", while "universe" expresses everything that surrounds us. On the basis of these premises, we can define "meta" as an environment that simulates reality. metaverse as an environment that simulates physical reality to digital reality. This first conception was coined by Neal Stephenson in his novel "Snow Crash", in 1992.


Thus, the technological revolution has served to give impetus to a new digital reality where, thanks to the computational power and high storage capacity of our electronic devices, the creation of a three-dimensional environment with sufficient capacity to simulate the physical reality we live in is possible. While it is true that from a first definition we can conceive the term as a video game, the technological revolution has encouraged it to deploy its functions beyond a mere simulation, serving as an instrument to recreate situations and social dynamics (study, work, shopping, etc.). Given its trend in terms of notoriety, it is important to acquire basic notions about this new reality.

In this articlewe will discuss this new environment in more detail.

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Transaction monitoring

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