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The European Parliament, in line with the Council, has drawn up a package of measures aimed at exploiting and supporting the potential of digital finance, including a new Digital Finance Strategy for the financial sector. 

The objective is clear: to ensure that the Union gives way to the digital revolution by helping innovative European companies to bring the benefits of finance within the reach of the vast majority.

dlt regulation

This pioneering regime aims at the same time to ensure that the legal framework for financial services in the EU is a bridge to innovation, without hindering the application of new technologies.

In order to answer a myriad of questions related to new technologies, as well as about multilateral trading systems (MTS) or decentralized registry technologies (DRT) and the tokenization of traditional assets and to generalize the use of DRT, we present the following proposal that we will analyze below based on the premise of its four objectives: legal certainty, innovation, promoting consumer and investor protection and ensuring financial stability (read more). Will you join us?

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