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Under the name of real estate tokenization refers to the process of representing ownership and other real rights over real estate by means of NFTs(non-fungible tokens) practiced on a blockchain.

Real Estate Tokenization

During their early years of existence, NFTs have been widely used for the documentation of intellectual property rights over audiovisual material. However, nowadays, and particularly in the United States, these instruments are increasingly being used in the real estate sector, both for physical real estate located in ordinary space and for virtual plots and buildings located in the Metaverse.

However, in continental European law, this technique raises major questions: Do real estate tokens represent genuine rights in rem or only a claim to the thing ( )?ius ad remWhat formal requirements are necessary for their issuance and what are their legal effects at the substantive level? What do NFTs contribute to the iter of transfer of ownership and other rights in rem (which in Spanish law is constituted by the title and the mode)? What would happen in the event of a collision between the metadata of the NFTs and the real estate tokens? token (Is it possible to pay for real estate sales and purchases by means of cryptocurrencies? Is it possible to constitute mortgages or other types of security interests on the rights represented by tokens?

In all these matters there are wide regulatory gaps both in the Spanish legal system and in the European regulation. At Vicox Legal we can offer you our experience in this area to advise you both in a possible tokenization of your real estate assets and in the acquisition of NFTs issued by third parties.

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