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Vicox not only collaborates in the design and implementation of the most effective strategies for each emerging company, but also in the integration of new realities and business models to the current regulation. We are in the best position to promote your idea, your startup, your life.

Cycles of a Startup


Cycle 1


The business idea

Starting and implementing that idea

Investment and external assistance to get started


Cycle 2


Original idea and first foundation for the business

Validate one's idea on the market

Protecting what works


Cycle 3


The Startup is already created

The idea is already beginning to generate profits

The daily management of the business begins


Cycle 4


All business cycles have been positive

Startup climbing

Develop a growth strategy


Our firm is a pioneer in Spain and a reference in legal advice to entrepreneurs and innovative companies.

The legal advice we offer, in addition to the more traditional business advice, specifically includes:

Determining the appropriate legal vehicle

Protection and exploitation of intellectual and/or industrial property

Assistance in transnational collaboration projects and EU framework programmes

Legal notices e-commerce

Advisory services related to R&D activities

Financing processes, investment agreements and partner agreements

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